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Limited Availability: Trusted Adviser Programme Openings

If you had no fear what could you accomplish? Customised to the needs of owners and top management in high growth businesses, who want a discreet "sounding board" (confidant) to discuss growth tactics and strategies, we have a small number of places available for our Trusted Adviser Programme. For a minimum period of 4 months although most start with 6 months, you will have unlimited access to me by phone, Skype and email. We may meet in-person occasionally, where it is mutually convenient. We start immediately or a date that best suits both of us. Call or write to james@elliceconsulting.com

A Golden Autumn! Idea Generation:

While many members of my professional communities are searching for profitable growth ideas, I want to provide tremendous help to them and in so doing enhance my own learning. I would like content ideas that you would like me to write, speak or host a teleconference or a peer level networking event on. They might relate to personal, group or corporate areas of improvement that are uppermost on your agenda. All ideas will be gratefully received. You can write to me at james@elliceconsulting.com or call at +44 203 440 5072.

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Race For High Growth

The Race For High Growth provides a sequence of monthly practical insights, techniques and tools to rapidly evaluate the growth and expansion of your business.

Our blog, Market Leading Growth shares
sound practical advice to dramatically
improve top line revenue growth, profit, and operational effectiveness in high growth markets.

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