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We conduct half and full-day workshops for clients. We jointly establish the learning objectives, evaluate the participants' specific circumstances, create a provisional design, obtain our client's feedback and finalise the design including the time required to achieve your desired outcomes.

"An excellent and thoughtful moderator, who delivers excellent results on stage."

William Russell Senior Conference Producer, Private Equity International
Event Host for Private Equity International's Operating Partners Forum: Europe


Here is an example of three workshops we run for clients:

Cultural Change In Support of a High Growth Market Strategy

What Is The Intent? Organisations today are experiencing two speeds of growth in international markets. Mature markets, where the focus is on price and differentiation. Emerging markets, where the focus is on increased customer demand, speed and supply constraints (hiring the right talent). Increasingly organisations are shifting resources from the former to the later in the search for profitable growth. That requires change, change in your employees behaviours, work, habits, accountabilities and so on. By culture, we are referring to the beliefs that govern your people's behaviour and attitudes. "Cultural Change" is often a phrase that executives find very difficult to understand and put their finger on. This workshop provides a pragmatic and distinctive process to implementing major change within an organisation's structures. We focus on the journey through the "ambiguous cloud" that lies between your current state (presence in mature markets only) and your future state (increasing presence in both mature and emerging markets).

Who Should Attend? CEO's, COO's, Profit centre heads, Heads of Strategy, key executive "implementers"

What Is In It For You?

  • Increased clarity about the actions required to avoid cultural obstacles derailing your strategy and your own role as an exemplar
  • Increased ability to overcome unforeseen obstacles and resistance points (compensation programme, accounting system, IT, vested interests, inertia and so on)
  • Increased self-confidence and effectiveness in your daily interactions with your subordinates
  • Employees who embrace the changes, accept prudent risk and support the forward direction of the business because they see it is in their own self-interest to do so
  • Dramatic reduction in management time invested in resolving conflicts, failures and duplicative work
  • Reduction in the seriousness and probability of cultural issues impacting your desired strategic outcomes and financial goals

"A compelling event with innovative content that attracts an exclusive and high quality audience, speakers, sponsors and media."

Jonathan Whelan General Manager
Terrapinn Limited
Host Organiser for World Gaming and Lottery Executive Summit and
Europe's Customer Festival


High Growth Market Entry: Unprecedented Success

What is the Intent: You will receive pragmatic advice, powerful techniques, and real world examples in an enthusiastic learning environment. We will cover:

  • Customer Strategy - implementation help with marketing and branding, customer segmentation, pricing and distribution channels
  • Market Entry Strategy - implementation help with organic growth, merger and acquisition, alliances, joint ventures, licensing agreements, partnerships and digital entry strategies
  • Governance Model Strategy - implementation of management structures, responsibilities, and performance measures
  • Operating Model Strategy - implementation of marketing, product development, and support process in the operational areas. Sourcing, production and distribution in your supply chain.
  • Government Affairs Strategy - managing government relationships, political risks, and the resultant legal, regulatory, ethics and corruption issues
  • Risk Management - implementing a process of effectively managing operational and strategic risks. We will consider supply chains, human resources, management structures, economic environments, competitors, and business partners.

Who Should Attend: Ideally, suited to the needs of profit centre heads, global or regional business development executives and COO's, embarking on or currently building a presence in a high growth market. A high growth market is defined by you but would include:

  • New product and consumer segments
  • Opportunity in a new industry sector
  • New geographic market

What's In It For You? Participants will be able to

  • Master the art of implementing strategy in a high growth market and co-opting others and providing personal support to others
  • Assess their own unique value and the nature of their own intervention, maximising their contribution to their direct reports, peers, subordinates, external business partners and others
  • Dramatically improve your self-confidence and your ability to lead with conviction and capitalise on profitable growth opportunities

"A tremendous contribution towards the success of our first Bahrain Business Forum. The event has significantly exceeded our expectations on all metrics (audience interaction, feedback, unsolicited testimonials, calls for advice) in an important market where we are striving rapidly to build a significant presence."

Sophia Richards Past Corporate Sales Manager
MENA Region
Zurich International Life Insurance Company


Accelerating Top Line Revenue Growth: Beauty is in the Simplicity

What Is The Intent? We focus on one of the three most common causes of failure in a high growth market: ineffective marketing. This workshop provides practical insights and powerful processes from James's own experiences and learning over the past twenty years, to help executives dramatically improve their marketing effectiveness. We have observed that a great many companies in an attempt to control the outcomes, over invest in needless market research, and under invest in the right marketing processes.

We escape theory and immediately dive into pragmatic action. You will have opportunities for peer interaction and dynamic learning with fellow participants. You will have role plays and feedback from me for your highest priority situations. You will have checklists and access to a multitude of additional resources before and after the workshop.

We will customise the learning objectives to each client and where appropriate a specific high growth market. We will jointly evaluate the participants in terms of their experience, sophistication before agreeing on the final design.

Who Should Attend: Ideally, suited to the needs of COO's, profit centre heads, global or regional business development executives, SVP or Directors of Sales & Marketing embarking on or currently building a presence in a high growth market. A high growth market is defined by you but would include:

  • New product and consumer segments
  • Opportunity in a new industry sector
  • New geographic market

What Is In It For You? You will take away from this workshop:

  • Dramatic improvements in your ability to create simple, powerful marketing plans
  • Unique client value proposition(s) with an irresistible appeal and excitement for your highest potential customers
  • Aggressively reduce the time taken to identify your highest potential customers
  • Dramatic potential reductions in your client acquisition costs
  • Breakthrough selection criteria for hiring the best marketing talent
  • Distinctive approaches to training and developing your marketing people the right way
  • Breakthrough marketing tools
  • Powerful approaches to providing your marketing team with the right support
  • Accountability techniques for marketing from the CEO to the Field Manager
  • Larger sales per customer
  • Generate more profit per client
  • Unprecedented results

"A creative, yet methodical consultant, able to bring the big ideas to practical reality."

Jonathan Whelan General Manager
Terrapinn Limited
Host Organiser for World Gaming and Lottery Executive Summit and
Europe's Customer Festival



The catalyst for significant performance improvements or accelerating growth in many organisations often stems from collective thought and action. It requires facilitation in the form of reasoned debate, disagreement and even "banging a few heads together". We help organise and conduct meetings with the purpose of reaching an agreed set of objectives, including definitive time, date and action.

Our unique value is often our expertise in the art of facilitation, our impartiality, a specific window of opportunity, and specific circumstances where we are the ideal person to perform the role.

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