Speaking Topics

Exploiting The Global Recovery and Prioritising Your People


  • Why this is a priority
  • What action to take now
  • How to apply your knowledge and rewards to:
    • Attracting, nurturing and retaining key talent
    • Accelerating repeat business from existing customers
    • Maximising customer loyalty
    • International expansion
    • An upturn in competition for your brightest and best people
  • Progress/Success Metrics
  • Evaluating Return on Investment
  • How to build conceptual agreement within your business

Personalisation - The Key to Business Success in an Economic Upturn

  • What is personalisation
  • Why is it critical to business success
  • How do we translate personalisation into our reward and incentive programmes and our employees behaviour
  • When and where should it apply
  • How do we measure progress and success
  • Return on Investment
  • Overcoming obstacles to personalisation

Global Standards: Where should we apply them to cross-border Rewards?

  • Centralised + De-centralised autonomy
  • A framework for turning global standards into organisational reality
  • Leadership + Accountability
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Governance - what really matters in today's economy

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