Outsourced Employee Benefit Administration

We assist both large and small organisations, who wish to focus their energies, talents and resources on what they do best, and outsource the administration of their employee benefits plans. With many organisations having a smaller pool of internal resources, global experience, and local knowledge, our Administration Team offer:

  • Effective advice on addressing plan members' needs while managing costs, consistency, and competitiveness of benefit arrangements.
  • Productivity savings (resolution of claims, enrolment, accounting, tax, legal, insurance underwriting and related issues)
  • Expertise in local and global benefits delivery systems, "on site" advice to local management teams, and coaching where required
  • A single, trustworthy resource to aid consistent global decision-making, governance and to serve as a "sounding board" for continued improvement and new approaches

"I have found Ellice Consulting's benefits advisory and administration services to be an excellent return on investment."

Michael Cronin Chief Operating Officer
Peony Capital
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