The catalyst for significant performance improvements or accelerating growth in many organisations often stems from collective thought and action. It requires facilitation in the form of reasoned debate, disagreement and even "banging a few heads together". We help organise and conduct meetings with the purpose of reaching an agreed set of objectives, including definitive time, date and action.

Our unique value is often our expertise in the art of facilitation, our impartiality, a specific window of opportunity, and specific circumstances where we are the ideal person to perform the role.

The roles fall into two categories:

  1. We are expected to chair and conduct the meeting but are not expected to have a deep knowledge of the issues or the organisation
  2. All of the above plus we are expected to provide valuable feedback in the form of critiquing suggestions, sharing best practices, past experiences, observations about growth opportunities, the probable risks and rewards attached to specific options. We are hired to accelerate the speed and quality of decision-making.

Distinctive Results:

  • Rapid completion of meeting objectives
  • Effective use of participants valuable time
  • Maximising the leader's exposure and minimising their time
  • Focus on hard evidence and observed behaviour, not unsubstantiated facts or personality differences
  • Consensual, not unanimous decisions
  • Balanced inclusion of all participants
  • Avoidance of circular conversations, divergences, and confusion between strategic and tactical decision

"There are risk and reward decisions that require smart people, smart approaches and outstanding results. James Berkeley is an outstanding resource."

Alex Kovach Managing Director
Camelot Global Services Ltd


To find out more contact James by clicking here or call +44 203 440 5072

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