The process of improving organisational performance to new heights or new levels of growth, places a heavy onus on an executive's discipline, focus and accountability. Whether entering a new customer segment, expanding in an existing market or considering a new career opportunity, intelligence, creativity and knowledge are essential resources but only getting the right things done converts them into results.

We purposely take on a small, select group of executives, who are successful in their own right. They have an aptitude to want to acquire new skills and apply them without fear of failure. Our relationships are of two peers, willing to take constructive criticism and honestly share their perspective with each other.

While the coaching results are specific to each coaching relationship, most engagements will result in some or all of the following:

  • Breakthrough awareness of where your time is being spent, the causes of your greatest "time wasters", and the opportunities for most dramatic personal improvement
  • Distinctive understanding of your own unique value in each challenge
  • Increased self-confidence to throw yourself into complex challenges safe in the knowledge that the learning gained will far outweigh any harm
  • Unprecedented leadership and foresight
  • Increasing good judgement and decision-making
  • Increased ability to live and succeed in highly ambiguous and solitary environments

Our relationship begins by jointly establishing clear objectives, agreeing what success would look like and the value that arises from achieving or exceeding your goals.

The engagement may vary in length although 3-6 months is common. It may be conducted remotely over weekly phone calls, email or Skype or be more structured (formal action plans) and intimate (in-person business and social meetings). We will customise it to your circumstances and comfort level.

"James has been a tremendous boon to my personal and professional performance."

Michael Sagild Director
Indorient Group


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