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Global Trader 2015 eBook: July 2015 - Where Angels Fear To Tread

Global Trader editorMark Lane looks at the key issues affecting trade and investment around the world.

WealthBriefing: May 2015 - Retiring Pensions: Challenges For Wealth Management

The traditional concept of "retirement" is dying fast. The impact on the business models of global wealth managers, financial advisers and insurers and those businesses, whose future is inextricably linked is unprecedented. Yet many firms are moving in inches, fearful of the future and uncertain where to start. There are four critical issues all firms needs to act on now.

California Broker: May 2015 - Certainty in An Uncertain World

Many life and health insurance businesses in California are at a seminal point in their growth. With the average age of owners closer to 60 years of age, unprecedented environmental changes (ACA) and increasing demand from clients for more impressive advice and technology, the amount of uncertainty and competitive threat is rising fast. Most owners can do little about the competition but they almost certainly need to get to work now on taking a hard look at the quality of management, employees and the "causes of the uncertainty within the firm. Otherwise their chances of accomplishing their strategies will recede fast, forcing more unpleasant alternatives to the fore.

Global Trader: April 2015 - Canada A Warm Welcome or A Chastening Experience

Thinking of entering or building a market presence in Canada, don't. If you must, here are five realities you need to get comfortable with.

Advisen: August 2014 - What Warren Buffett Brings Unashamedly To Insurance

If the objective is for an insurance business to reach the "next level" (largely viewed in terms of financial performance) rather than to demonstrate capability or credibility, then management must first change their mindset. They need to develop different reference points and perspective about their business, their people, and the value they are providing to their customers.

Global Banking And Finance Review: April 2014 - The Fear That Erodes Profitable Growth

Why do senior managers sometimes immediately accept external help without stopping to think, on other occasions take an age to accept help or in extreme cases, do their level best to avoid accepting help at all? Learn why fear is so inhibiting in expansive firms and the action that must be taken to avoid a business paralysis...

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