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November 2015: IDG Connect - Beyond the flim-flam: "Thinking like an entrepreneur"

When executives in large organisations caste wistful glances at entrepreneurs when the subject of innovation is raised, why does it tell us more about their own fears than the dynamics of their business. read more.

October 2015: Chief Executive - Boards Can Help Management "Steer the Future" by Using Big Data

Directors should be conscious of and even proactive about big data on at least two levels, according to a consensus of experts: How corporate strategy is harnessing the capabilities of this powerful new tool, and specifically, how board members can use it to improve the board's performance of its own fiduciary duties. read more.

October 2015: Management Today - How to Crack the American market

Plenty have failed in their attempts to cross the Atlantic but the potential rewards for success are massive. Learn the secrets of success: how to market, sell and profitably grow and expand. read more.

September 2015: The Street - How Multinationals Are Adapting To China's Slowing Economy

With China growth slowing to 6.8% this year and 6.3% next year according to the IMF, adaption might mean survival for some multinationals. read more.

September 2015: The Street - China Still Investing in Big Projects, With Help From Foreign Contractors

Will the warm welcome for foreign investors in China continue? read more.

Market Watch: June 2015 - A New Focus: TEDA's Shift From Investment to Technology

Venture capital in China has a new and surprising source. On a previously unremarkable industrial park Tianjin a new experiment is driving innovation and wealth creation in previously unheralded ways .   read more

The Street: May 2015 - Netflix Venure Shows China Is Open To Foreigners (At Least The Ones It Likes)

Is this fiction or reality? Learn which foreign businesses and sectors are currently welcome in China.   read more

TheStreet: May 2015 - More U.S. Properties Are Being Snapped Up by Chinese Companies

The motives behind Chinese investors rush to acquire international assets in insurance, real estate, infrastructure and assorted asset classes is largely misunderstood .   read more

Le Temps: May 2015 - Les entreprises americaines se portent au chevet de leurs salaries desargentes

US$8 billion dollars has been invested in the Global fintech sector in the past 12 months. Edtech is awash with capital too. At the convergence point lies financial wellbeing or education businesses such as HelloWallet and the UK's Squirrel. The transformative effect on mass financial literacy, insurers and advisers is potentially stunning in Europe and elsewhere.   read more

The Street: April 2015 - China Is Cutting Back on Foreign Luxury Goods — Here's Why

Want to understand the trends that are impacting profitable growth in China.  Read on.

Investor's Business Daily: April 2015 - J. Willard Marriott Turned Soda Stop Into Hotel King

Leadership lessons and wisdom for tomorrow's market leading businesses.  read more. February 2015 - China's OTC Board a Lifeline for Building Innovation Culture

Want to find the next Alibaba in China.  read more.

The Street: January 2014 - Dunkin' Donuts to Incite Foreign Fast-Food Fight in China

Salutary lessons for foreign firms doing battle in China today.  read more.

Main Street: December 2014: Here's Why Millennial CEOs Find Opportunity and Profit Launching Payroll Start-Ups

Early-stage payroll technology businesses are creating a siren call for traditional VC's and Corporate Venture Funds. Find out why interest levels are at near peak levels.  read more.

Forbes: November 2014 - 10 Ways To Create Investor Demand When Raising Money

If you are an investor or budding entrepreneur you would be wise to read this article. James discusses the fastest and most effective ways to get investors to commit to your investment proposition.   read more

The Guardian: November 2014 - Team Building: How To Make You Building A Great Place To Work

James argues the case that team building is largely a futile exercise because most businesses don't have a "team" in the conventional sense of the word: where everyone loses and wins together. He points out what the reality is and how best to dramatically improve productivity around a set of common objectives.   read more

Your Better Business: November 2014 - Olympic Rewards Or Running Up A Debt

Debate rages about the tangible benefits of two of Britain's largest sporting events this decade, the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games. James presents a contrarian viewpoint amongst many naysayers and explains why analysts should properly view these events as a "process of improvement" with both short and long-term returns.   read more

The Street: November 2014 - Obama's China Meeting to Boost Travel, Helping Hotels and Airlines

James discusses the implications for the China-US relationship and short-term business opportunities for business in both countries. He points out that with US businesses distancing themselves from a President, whose reputation and performance has done little to further their success, they are largely using other channels to increase their influence in China today.   read more

TheStreet: November 2014 - Which Aerospace Firm Will Help China Reach The Red Planet By 2020

James discusses the private sector implications for China's ambitions to dramatically increase the speed and scale of its' space program. Who are likely to be the "winners" and how can investors position themselves now to profit.   read more

Virgin Disruptors: October 2014 - Tourist or Traveller: Who Is The Greener Globetrotter?

Sir Richard Branson's online meeting and debate forum for entrepreneurs and those challenging widely held beliefs about the future of travel and entertainment, invited James to share his insights on the future of tourism. Learn more about the catalysts for putting hard cash behind green initiatives and why so many executives, particularly in the investment community still seem largely unmoved by the priority given to this issue by their customers.   read more

10th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIFE): October 2014 - "Business Management In A Globalised World"

Ahead of the WIEF event held in Dubai, the foremost meeting place for the global business community to uncover the opportunities and potential in the Muslim world, James shared his thoughts on how businesses can rapidly identify and exploit short-term business opportunities.   read more

The Street: September 2014 - China Will Surpass U.S. Putting Pressure on Pride, Not Profit

China's economy remains on a rapid trajectory to surpass the size of the US economy. James discusses the implications and contrary to popular opinion, he points out that the people who worry most about China's ability to stay on track, are the leadership themselves.   read more

Global Delivery Report: August 2014 - BPO Tide Still Appears To Be Turning To Nearshore

Understanding how to navigate the complexities of moving outsourced service functions closer to home while continuing to delight customers with fabulous service is a tricky balance. James talks hear about the emerging trends amongst forward-thinking companies who are consistently out-performing their peers.   read more

China Outlook: July 2014 - Getting to grips with China's middle class

How China's leaders and the wider world deal with the growing aspirations and expectations of China's middle class will be one of the defining challenges of this century. If this is a key target market, here are some vital insights any marketing plan must address...   read more

The Street: June 2014 - The U.K. Is 'Pound'-ing the Pavement With Chinese Business Deals

A political warming of relations between China and the United Kingdom is providing fresh impetus to international trade, which top managers in UK businesses and their competitors would be foolish to ignore...   read more

Advisen: June 2014 - Risk lessons from the World Cup scandal

As drama plays out on the soccer fields of Brazil during World Cup 2014, here are 10 lessons about risk mitigation and avoidance gleaned from the current World Cup scandal, applicable for any organization or company looking to restore or retain public trust or reputation...   read more

Unique Homes: June 2014 - Luxury, Now! The Home of Your Luxury Dreams

This is a pivotal time for investors and top management in global luxury interior design businesses who must come to terms with rapidly changing market needs (understated displays of wealth, technological advancement and sharper design). Those businesses must develop and demonstrate a competency to address those needs and the requisite passion to undertake the work. Change is sweeping through the industry, forcing critical strategic decisions about the future of many firms in the sector. It helps if you know where to focus...   read more

Business Traveler US: May 2014 - Extending a Welcome

Cross-border growth and expansion in the past three years has seen a marked evolution of the traditional expatriate role and demographic. No industry has needed to adapt faster to the economic and people challenges than the Extended Stay Hotel Market and those offering Corporate Housing. Learn more about the key trends driving change, the future impact on key player's strategies and future profits...   read more

The Street: May 2014 - Peabody Energy, BP Shouldn't Sweat Unrest in China's Muslim Northwest

On the surface the risks of doing business in and the forward-looking appetite for increased foreign direct investment in Xinjiang are reaching a crossroads. Yet a closer look at the commitments many of the multinational firms have made to the region gives greater comfort about their resolve and willingness to look beyond the current political turmoil.   read more

economia: March 2014 - What's in a word?

Has grouping countries together into manageable acronyms (BRIC, MINT etc) helped or hindered your economic analysis of them and more importantly, their individual relevance to your firm's international growth plans? Learn the distinctions that you must apply in order to profitably grow...   read more

BritishAmerican Business: February 2014 - Stay For The Long Haul

Understand the latest best practices in deploying global talent to accelerate profitable growth strategies...   read more

Voice of America: January 2014 - Indonesia Pushes Mining Industry to Boost Local Hiring

Seminal predictions on the rise of the Indonesian economy have been largely predicated on a pro-business growth environment. A sudden change of tack by the government to protect jobs in the iron ore sector places a higher burden on multinational firms to be sensitive to local imperatives. Is this a a pre-cursor of increasing risks doing business in "high-growth markets" and a re-calibration of profits earned in mature developed economies versus those derived from immature "high growth" economies where political self-interest is more visible?   read more

The Street: November 2013 - Four Obstacles in Selling Foreign Brands to China

Foreign brands might assume that by flogging China with high quality and marketing buzz they can make money because of the country's growing middle class. They would be wrong. Here are four obstacles for foreign investors equipped only with textbook business strategies...   read more

China Economic Net: October 2013 - Suzhou Industrial Park: From Industry to Innovation

Industrial Parks in China are undergoing profound changes that will have critical impact on both foreign and local companies ability to profitably grow and expand in China. Specifically, how those businesses productively deploy capital, people and physical assets. Suzhou gives an intriguing glimpse of the future: "In", cities of innovation drawing world-class expertise, "Out" random clustering of pure manufacturing and logistics businesses. With a mindset that leans more towards Singapore than Shanghai, a subtle but dramatic shift is taking place. Have you thought what this might mean for your firm's presence and marketing focus in China?   read more

Main Street: October 2013 - What You Don't Know About Launching in Asia

Cultural diversity is one of the biggest challenges businesses face as they expand into Asia, according to a new study...   read more

Retail Leader: October 2013 - Creating A Culture That Works

Twenty years ago, "company culture" might not have made headlines. Now, the concept of company culture is well recognized as something of value, to be nurtured and protected...   read more

The Street: September 2013 - China's Iron Coffee Cup

For years I rooted for the underdogs. I hoped one of the no-name cafes from Beijing's back alleys would come forward with plans to mass market its coffee brewed in glass equipment so elaborate it looked like a science experiment. I wanted the locals to lead Starbucks as the Seattle coffee chain spread through their country...   read more August 2013 - Making Business Transactions in a Foreign Currency

As a business owner, you may prefer to perform business transactions in your local currency. But you also need to acknowledge that foreign vendors and suppliers often prefer to receive international payments in their home currency, as well...   read more August 2013 - Keeping the Books Straight in a Global Business

When business owners work with foreign currency, it adds time, complexity and risk to their bookkeeping processes. It's important to identify potential financial issues that could negatively impact profitability before they get out of control.   read more August 2013 - How to Better Manage Your Cash Flow

Sales are humming along, new business is in the pipeline, and the future is looking bright. Yet, small business owners know that even when the stars align, it's important to crunch the numbers and verify that there's healthy cash flow.   read more August 2013 - Find the Right Accountant for Your International Business

When running a small business, every day is a new challenge - from finding new ways to serve customers to simply managing day-to-day operations. So, when it comes to financial management, some small business owners may require an extra set of hands.   read more

The Street: July 2013 - China's Falling Exports Force Multinationals to Change Plans

A multinational expecting forever high returns from its' China exports alone may need to manufacture its' own coffin unless it moves offshore or starts to produce for increasingly wealthy though increasingly picky Chinese consumers...   read more

The Street: March 2013 - How will China Temper its Growth in 2013

As increases in China's total goods and services ease, investors have surely priced it into their positions by now...   read more

International Business Times: February 2013 - Brexit: If Britain Exits the EU, What Then?

Britain has never been too keen on getting closely involved with Europe. When Germany, France, Italy and the Benelux countries established the European Coal and Steel Community in the 1950s, the start of what became the European Union, the British turned down the offer...   read more

Forbes: January 2013 - The Five Sales Tactics Every Entrepreneur Must Master

From sell-outs to used-car salesmen, it's no secret that selling gets a bad rap. It's so uncool, in fact, that it's one of the positions startups have the hardest time filling with young employees...   read more

Enhanced Online News: November 2012 - Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area: 28 Years at the Top

China's irresistible rise has been powered by development zones such as the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), which at 28 years of age has blazed a trail for the rest of the country to follow and continues to pioneer new economic growth.   read more

Quick Serve Leaders: August 2012 - Internationally, Burger King May Have to Hurdle Before It Grows

By 2016, Burger King intends to have 17,000 new units open outside the United States.   read more

Business Today: July 2012 - The Inside Track On Cracking The US Market

James Berkeley is a director with Ellice Consulting International. He has worked for US professional service providers in the United States and has also consulted to US organisations and trade bodies.   read more

Software Advice: January 2012 - Creative Benefits to Engage, Motivate, and Retain

Attracting and retaining top talent is a formidable and never-ending challenge for business leaders (newsflash, right?).   read more

Restaurant Management January 2012 - HR Homeruns

Best practices allow restaurants to create happier environments, employees.   read more

10 Top HR Tips of 2012   read more

Global Incentive Council China White Paper: October 2011 - Reward, recognition programs bring opportunities, challenges to companies operating in China

Companies now operating, or intending to expand their business into the People's Republic of China (PRC), face a myriad of complex business, governmental, and cultural issues amid the lure of a fast-growing economy.   read more

Economist Intelligence Unit Research Report: July 2011 - New horizon's:Europe's small and medium-sized companies look to emerging markets for growth

Although their bigger rivals get most of the headlines, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are Europe's main engine for job creation and economic growth.   read more

Management Today Spring 2011 - Inside Baseball

For generations, the measure of a baseball player's worth was primarily determined by three figures: batting average, home runs and runs batted in.   read more

International Casino Review February 2011 - Comment

There's a natural inclination in many organisations post-downsizing, for employees to duck taking a risk at precisely the time that innovation, creativity and prudent risk-taking are a priority.   read more

Las Vegas Sun: January 2011 - Selling Las Vegas in a Post-Recession Economy

It's easy to fret that the glory days are over for the Strip - the wellspring of our economy and icon of our global identity.   read more

FINS (Wall Street Journal): January 2011 - Step by Step Guide to Efficient Business Travel

You know the type: They live out of rolling suitcases, have their car company on speed dial, virtually unlimited Internet connectivity in airports, and never seem to take more than fifteen minutes to go from the sidewalk to a seat on the plane.   read more

MetLife December 2010 - International Assignments Rise Despite Recession

Even with the global economic recession raging for the past two years, U.S. employers have seen a rise in the numbers of expatriates working abroad, according to a recent report from Mercer.   read more

PMI November 2010 - Mastering the Interview

Interviews won't feel like interrogations if you practice all those tough questions ahead of time.   read more

HRE Online September 2010 - Enticing Employees

The recession has left its mark on top employees -- who are both disengaged from their current organization but hesitant about looking for employment elsewhere. In addition to revisiting leadership-development and reward-and-recognition programs, HR leaders should consider changing the organizational design.   read more

Leisure Manager: Show of Strength

Companies in the leisure industry may be left with no choice but to make redundancies, but the real sign of leadership will be how they manage and empower their staff past the downturn.   read more : Perks Of The Job

While the provision of benefits is in itself a positive step, their effectiveness is dependent on how they are communicated to the employee. Many employees know that they receive a retirement plan or health insurance, but very few know the actual value of that benefit.   read more

HVS: Things Get Personnel in Dubai

In terms of career opportunities in the Middle East - Dubai is the hub. If you are good, the possibilities to grow and develop are immense.   read more

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