Things Get Personnel in Dubai

Author: Lorenza Alessie
Date: 2007-10-22

In terms of career opportunities in the Middle East - Dubai is the hub. If you are good, the possibilities to grow and develop are immense. The learning curve is massive since people are exposed to an environment where there is constant change and where you always need to find ways to re-invent your product offering in order to keep up. Today, Dubai features prominently on the global map of emerging cities and is listed by some experts among places considered as "world cities". According to James Berkeley, Director at Ellice Consulting & Co, a leading pensions and benefits consultant to the hotel industry, Dubai is being added to the list of Singapore, London, New York and Hong Kong as a growth spot for people's careers. However, Dubai is not the only city offering expatriates interesting career prospects. In the Middle East there are many other cities competing for the same quality staff that can still offer expatriates the career prospects and commodities Dubai offered in the past such as quality housing, available international schooling and more value for their money. Sure enough, Dubai maybe the sexiest destination in the Middle East, however there are other destinations such as China and India which are also developing fast and are competing for the same talent pool.

Reprinted with permission from Lorenza Alessie.
Copyright 2007 by Lorenza Alessie

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