"An excellent and thoughtful moderator, who delivers excellent results on stage."

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William Russell Senior Conference Producer, Private Equity International
Event Host for Private Equity International's Operating Partners Forum: Europe

"If your business has a need to frame business objectives rapidly, facilitate introductions to valuable global relationships and maintain a focus and discipline on results, I suggest you pick up the phone and speak to James."

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Hugh Terry Co-Founder
Direct Money Ltd

"James has a remarkable ability in a working relationship to adapt to the comfort zone of others and achieve tremendous results."

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Nigel Hazell Group CEO and Chairman

"When you are in the trenches, tasked with implementing strategy or resolving a personal issue in ambiguous and challenging environments, you want James next to you.

His ability to take complex issues and turn them into clear objectives with indicators of success and valuable action is outstanding. He is a world-class business partner."    click here to view full testimonial

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Chris Watson past Chief Operating Officer
naked Retreats

"I have known James for a number of years and it is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial.

James breadth and depth of knowledge is second to none and he has proven to be invaluable to someone in my position tasked with dramatically growing a business in high-growth markets.

What stands out for me is James' ability to assist me and my colleagues with making rational, well informed decisions in a very brief time period. We have worked together in some very ambiguous environments and cultures and the level of trust established with James has been the foundation on which we have been able to succeed together.

I highly recommend James to any potential client of his."

Simon Griffiths Director of Finance
Mondiale Marketing

"I had the pleasure of knowing James Berkeley for over 15 years. James is an engaging, intelligent and creative business partner, who helps executives achieve unprecedented results.

My experience was

  • That I received valuable information
  • That I found total trust and candor in our conversations
  • He raises critical issues
  • He recommends other resources
  • He goes out of his way to assist beyond what was agreed

Equally I found that he is not afraid to take a public stand on important matters, creating an environment where we are equal partners. It is what I would call a true partnership when working and consulting with him."

Marjo Louw Country President
International Oil and Gas Company

"James has over years provided a number of guys I know with valuable strategic work, whether short term assessment type or longer, more integrated involvement within the business.

He is an excellent advisor, keeps a cool head and leverages the values in the business with new out-of-the-box approaches. He is a fantastic listener, and has the ability to find nerve points quickly hence his impact is quick and decisive."

Michael Sagild Director
Indorient Group

"I have known James in a personal and professional capacity for over 10 years. He has a first-rate ability to convert complex corporate issues into a clear picture of the future with practical, results-oriented action, aimed at improved returns. In addition, for any company seeking help attracting highly capable executives as well as organizational improvements, James is an exceptional resource."

Lloyd Nathan New York, NY

"A great asset to any event organiser looking to create a compelling executive-level event, he comes highly recommended."

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Jonathan Whelan General Manager
Terrapinn Limited
Host Organiser for World Gaming and Lottery Executive Summit and
Europe's Customer Festival

"Developing a new brand or building a career in a competitive high-growth market such as Asia, requires outstanding performance in three areas: establishing credibility, building trusting relationships and rapid conversion of initial discussions into actual client relationships.

James Berkeley has been a tremendous boon to my personal and professional performance.

He has an ability to help me rapidly frame and articulate cleverly my own or my Company's value in the eyes of others, identify my highest potential opportunities, and accelerate the speed of reaching those people and those people reaching me.

His advice is pragmatic, ethical and based on a track record of success. He is an outstanding resource for an executive who wants to dramatically convert their marketing investment into increased revenue, profit, and personal growth."

Michael Sagild Director
Indorient Group

"It is still rewarding that there are professionals and colleagues, like you, who believe in the values and work ethics that our grandfathers have lived by. I know that this will be a story that I will share with all my close friends."

Robert Zogbi Chairman
Innova-tionZ Hospitality Consultants s.a.r.l

"Thanks for making a tremendous contribution towards the success of our first Bahrain Business Forum. The event has significantly exceeded our expectations on all metrics (audience interaction, feedback, unsolicited testimonials, calls for advice) in an important market where we are striving rapidly to build a significant presence. You have been an important part in helping us build key relationships, and generate action on serious and immediate business issues.

We would strongly recommend your services to other organisations."

Sophia Richards Corporate Sales Manager
Middle East & Africa
Zurich International Life insurance Company

"He has provided in a very brief time period, powerful and valuable insights into the use of monetary and non-monetary rewards as a catalyst for increasing mobility and in attracting higher quality talent amongst many desired improvements."    click here to view full testimonial

Loshen Naidu Senior Manager
Expatriate Renumeration
MTN Group Human Resources

"I absolutely trust you personally, and therefore professionally. Whereas I have never articulated such, I find you approach your business from an honesty / integrity foundation, not as a proactive strategy, therefore manipulative, but as part of your value system. And, that obviously begins from something irreplaceable called "character".    click here to view full testimonial

Akiko Takahashi Executive Vice President
Chief Human Resources/Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
Melco Crown Entertainment


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