Our Team

Ellice Consulting comprises a small group of talented professionals, who come together to improve our clients' performance, by attaining or exceeding their agreed objectives, applying simple measures of success and a rational assessment of the value of the improvement (how the organisation is better off, how the individual is better supported and so on).

The composition of the client's team and the processes applied are solely driven by the client's best interests, not our own interests: maximising the value and results, while minimising the client's time, disruption and investment.

Global Presence

Our organisational structure is designed to provide our clients careful and meticulous attention, irrespective of location:

  • Single global point of contact for the lifetime of your relationship with our firm's principal
  • Absence of huge infrastructure that necessitates high fees
  • Virtually immediately responsive via phone and email during our clients' normal working hours and out of hours, irrespective of your time zone
  • Distinctive ability to tightly customise our approaches, communication and confidentiality to each buyer's needs
  • Unprecedented access to a network of world-class consulting expertise in 30+ countries
  • Dynamic client learning opportunities and peer interaction regularly available in close proximity to our clients' locale
  • Frequent opportunities to learn about us, our approaches and clients success in regular articles, columns and interviews published in major global and local media
  • Podcasts, videos, surveys and so forth accessible for "free" on this website, blog, newsletters, iTunes and YouTube channels
  • Products, both in hard copy and electronic format, available for download and purchase on this website

Contact us if you would like to discuss your needs and expert resource requirements.

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