Employee Rewards Advice

Individuals and organisations looking to thrive globally should have access to independent, value-laden advice about the effectiveness of their employee rewards programme on organisational performance and attainment of their business goals.

Determining "value" is a mixture of art and science; "Art" in the sense of the intangible improvements (repute, power, ego, image, learning etc), and "science" in terms of quantifiable improvements (increased sales, increased profit or reduced turnover etc).

Before embarking on any potential investment, take our "Relative Value of Reward Advice" Test.

Would your valuation of external advice markedly improve with any or all of the following?

  • Objective advice linked solely to improving your condition, nothing more
  • Enhanced content (knowledge of my business), expertise (technical insight) , knowledge (track record of success with similar challenges), behaviour (building internal "buy-in"), special skills and contacts
  • A demonstrable process to find the shortest, most direct path to developing a common sense solution
  • A focus on results and outcomes, not on activities and tasks

"Whether it was for resolving immediate issues or learning new skills or techniques, I always received high quality, practical advice based on well defined outcomes."

Simon Griffiths Chief Financial Officer
Broadwater Hotels & Resorts


If your answer is "Yes" to any of the above, feel free to call James.

Learn more about James's World here

"James has been a source of constant superior advice."

Dean Schreiber Group Managing Director
Franklyn Hotels & Resorts


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